Real Estate Market analysis of Crossville, Lake Tansi and Fairfield Glade TN

The real estate market has been a concern for home owners for a few years, there is a swing up and most homeowners are glad. I have put together the numbers for March of this year. This market analysis is just a quick look at the market in Cumberland County. 
      Area                     Homes sold                Total sales                 Average
Lake Tansi                           9                            $1,270,425        $141,158
Fairfield Glade                     19                          $2,993,550        $166,308
Cumberland Co                  36                          $3,026,825        $116,416 

Number of listings Today
Lake Tansi               83
Fairfield Glade       335
County                  406

This is down a little from last year, but the bad weather we had the past 2 months has kept the sales down. The sales in March were ones that were wrote in January and February of this year, and we know how bad that has been. So I think the market analysis numbers will go up in April.
It is always helpful for home sellers to see what is happening in their community when thinking of selling their home. You need to know the local market, I know a lot of home sellers and buyers get on the internet and look at articles about home sells. That is ok, but remember – not all markets are the same.
Check back for Aprils market analysis in a few weeks and see what the pretty weather has brought about. 
If you would like more market numbers in the area, please e-mail me for my yearly numbers brochure.

Barbara Ely, Broker
Re/MAX Premier Choice