Search Tool Help

The search tool on my site has ton's of options but it can be a little overwhelming.  Here are a couple of tips that will get you started and help you get the most out of it.

If you are using one of the quick searches I have setup, then you are going to start with a list of properties on the left that match your criteria.  On the right you will see a map with the house locations indicated by the house markers.  Notice that one house in the list on the left will be highlighted in yellow.  This is the currently selected property.  Also notice that this house is shown on the map with a star instead of a house.  You can change the selected house by clicking on another home in the list on the left or clicking a house icon on the map.

The next thing to notice are the result tabs on the right.  The quick searches start by default on the Map tab. You can select another tab by clicking on it and the window will give you a different view of the active home.  Click the Photos tab to see all the available photos of the house.  Click the Detail tab to see all the property info in a report format.

And of course, if you want to limit your search even more you can edit the search by clicking the Edit Search button

Also if you need more help you can click the Help link in the search tool itself.  It has tons of information that may answer your question.

Last but not least, if you can't quite get the search you want, then let me help.  I would be more than happy to build a custom search for you that I can even setup to automatically email you results.  Just let me know what you want in the form below and I will make sure you find the right home.

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